Passport Membership is your Ticket for a journey to Ultimate Relaxation & Beauty.

As a valued passport Member,enjoy exclusive,VIP discounted pricing on Toppers Spa/Salon services,at all Toppers Spa/Salon locations.Each option includes a signature Toppers Spa/Salon experience to enjoy during each month of your membership!

Around The World PASSPORT

Just Chill Massage (60 min) or
Preserve Facial

First Class Trip PASSPORT

Essential Pedicure, Blow Dry Styling
or Get Bronzed Airbrush Tanning

Away From It All PASSPORT

Eyebrow Wax or
Essential Manicure

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Interested in purchasing a Passport Membership – well, that is really easy! Simply visit any location and inform a Toppers Spa/Salon Team Member that you are interested in Passport Membership. To expedite the process, simply download, print and complete the Passport Membership Agreement, in advance, and bring it with you when coming to the spa/salon.

Even EASIER? Purchase a Passport Membership ONLINE! How? Click the link to the left reflecting the Toppers Spa/Salon location you wish to visit. Select and purchase the membership option you’d like to enjoy. The introductory promotional rate will be displayed AT TIME OF CHECKOUT.  Once your purchase has been completed, you may immediately begin scheduling your exclusive, membership discount priced services! All that we ask is that, as stated above, you download, print and complete the Passport Membership Agreement and bring it with you when coming to the spa/salon for the first time as a Passport Member. WELCOME ABOARD.