Philadelphia spa moves to the heart of Walnut St.

Philadelphia Spa Reception Desk

Philadelphia spa moves to the heart of Walnut St.

If you live in or around Philadelphia, the chances are that you’ve been to at least one of our spas or salons…at least we hope you have! I say ‘chances are’ because we’ve been around for a really REALLY long time – 38 years to be exact. In spa/salon years, that’s an eternity!  But let’s chat about our Philadelphia location, specifically. For years we were in a LARGE four story building right off of Rittenhouse Square, which was an incredible home to us for almost 20 years. With time comes the evolution of styles, trends and needs and happily (though sad to see it go) we needed a new style to keep up with those trends and needs.


Fast forward through lots of construction, design meetings and decorating….our spa/salon moved to 1528 Walnut Street – Second Floor.  Let me just say, this place is a stunner! The design is best described as a mid-century modern urban spa oasis. At least that’s how I describe it!  From the moment you walk into the entrance you are met with a mosaic tiled floor leading you to the marble waterfall desk, surrounded by the handpicked furniture and custom cabinetry displaying some of the most sought after skincare, haircare and body products. The salon, which boasts custom brass framed mirrors and designated spotlight lighting, overlooks the ever bustling Walnut Street, breathing natural light and great energy into the room. The textured wall that leads our guests to the treatment rooms is the perfect bit of intrigue and softness to the serenely lit hallways of our oasis. When you enter the relaxation lounge, now that is really a ‘WOW’ moment. This oversized room is filled with plush couches, an abundance of mix and matched pillows for a bit of whimsy and a full array of the spa amenities you look forward to like fruit infused water, snacks, coffee and tea.  Now this is a place you never want to leave!  One of the common themes you’ll notice throughout is the artwork. We fell in love with the old hollywood vibe of famed photographer, Slim Aarons (link to his bio?), and have chosen over 20 of his photos to decorate our walls.  He focused on capturing socialites in the midst of their most relaxing and joyous moments, emanating a feeling of luxury and happiness.


But the real star of the show? Our staff and our services.  As I said before, we’ve been around for a long time (checkout out the brief history of Toppers Spa/Salon in the ‘Who Is Toppers?’ section of our website) so we’ve gotten pretty good at what we do.  With this new space comes new energy, revived passion and overall excitement.  We urge newcomers, long time guests, those who have not been to us in a while, everyone, to come on in and tour the new space. Schedule a service, see what all the fuss is about! Find your favorite massage therapist or nail technician and try out your perfect Esthetician or hair stylist.  We’ll supply the treatments, we just want your company ?.

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