Spa Experiences

You don’t need a reason to take an hour, or two, or even five and “just do you.” In fact, we’d be willing to bet you totally deserve it. That’s where our Spa Experiences come in—dedicated downtime, focused completely on you and recharging your batteries. The names say it all—KEEP CALM and BE WELL as you go to your HAPPY PLACE and have your BEST DAY EVER because you are so WORTH IT! And of course there’s a special one MADE JUST FOR MEN.
Spa Experience pricing cannot be combined with any other offer or Passport membership use, no substitutions or exclusions.


2 hours
When you really need to just take a moment—KEEP CALM, keeps it simple and makes all the difference in your day. Two quintessential treatments, our Breathe In Massage and Preserve Facial are just what the doctor ordered. To keep the calm flowing you’ll go home with an aromatherapy candle and bath collection.

Passport Preferred Guest
$307 $307


3 hours
If finding balance is your goal, then this spa experience is sure to tip the scales back where they belong. BE WELL focuses on the essentials with our Breathe In Massage, Preserve Facial, Hand Paraffin Treatment and Wellness Lunch complete with specialty bath collection and eye pillow parting gifts!

Passport Preferred Guest
$321 $321


2.5 hours
Trains, planes, automobiles—how do you get there? The perfect check out of life and into your HAPPY PLACE includes our Get Sweet Body Treatment and Just Chill Massage. Extend your visit with a specialty bath collection and eye pillow for finding your happy at home.

Passport Preferred Guest
$329 $329


3.5 hours
Some people have it all—you do it all, and this is your payoff. WORTH IT is a much deserved reward. You’ll think you’ve found heaven on earth with our Breathe In Massage, Preserve Facial and our Essential Manicure and Pedicure. The reward continues with an aromatherapy neck warmer made to relax your stressed out muscles.

Passport Preferred Guest
$371 $371


3.5 hours
From stay-at-home dads to Mr. Fix-Its to corporate guys, the modern man needs a break all for himself. Schedule it in your smartphone fellas—our Knots No More Massage, Maintenance—For Men Facial and Essential Men’s Manicure and Pedicure. Keep up the good work with a special skin treatment take home. You’ve got this!

Passport Preferred Guest
$376 $376


5 hours
The name says it all—this total body experience will leave you looking and feeling like a spoiled celebrity. Your BEST DAY EVER is a head to toe treatment that includes our Breathe In Massage, Preserve Facial, Essential Manicure and Pedicure, Haircut and/or Styling, Woke Up Like This Makeup Application and a Wellness Lunch. To continue the VIP treatment when you get home, you’ll leave with a specialty bath collection including an eye pillow and aromatherapy candle.

Passport Preferred Guest
$525 $525