Who Is Toppers?

A wise person once said “happiness is hard work” and with our trying-to-have-it-all lives, it’s a pretty true statement. Often times, the things that we need most seem to be last on our list. Try as we may, getting to them seems impossible, as if they’re a world away. Time to stop and smell the roses, time to care for yourself—to take a deep breath and find BALANCE—wouldn’t that just be total BLISS? When it all becomes a bit too much and you need to hit that reset button, we will make you feel that what you’ve thought to be a world away, is really right around the corner. Time is the new luxury and when you choose to spend yours with us, we take it seriously. When you check out of your daily life and check in with us, it’s our job to make that time all about you—in fact, we insist that you be totally self-absorbed when you’re here. Really.


Since 1981, we’ve watched, listened and learned. You’ve shown us exactly what you want and what you need. So, while our service menu may appear a bit vast, the truth is, your needs are vast! Your idea of wellness is very different from the person standing next to you. We’ve spent over three decades getting really great at what we do. When you are here, you are in good hands, the best hands in fact—practice makes perfect.

Throughout our years, we’ve gone to great lengths (insert dramatic backdrops and trickling fountains) to create physical spaces that allow you to feel as though you have been magically transported to “a world away.” But the reality is, that other worldly space is an idea that exists in your head and is totally attainable today—with us.

Our commitment to you is unlocking your door to that “world away” with services that will bring you BALANCE & BLISS inside your own world, right here, right now. All you need to do is give us your time, we promise not to waste it.